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Character Design Notes – Tadashi Ozaki

We haven’t released much official information on the characters yet, and I’d like things to be revealed through the chapters if possible, so I can’t really write out any profiles or character studies at the moment.

However, I can talk about where I got the inspiration for the characters in Digimon Code.

First, we’ll start with our token goggle-head, Tadashi Ozaki (尾崎忠司).

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Introducing your scriptwriter….


It’s me, KoH; I write the basic, borderline, rough scripts, then Anthy turns them into the miracle that you’ve just seen (well, if you haven’t, go check it out, NAO!). I should be on here, and I’ll update you if there’s anything I need to tell you.

See you around.

-Your Friendly Neighbourhood Scriptwriter, KoH

Artist Notes, Chapter 01

The first chapter has finally released! It felt like it took a lot longer than a week to put it all together.

There are a lot of things about Digimon Code that I could go about discussing, but since this is the first release I should probably write up a short commentary about Code’s debut chapter. I plan on updating with insights, side notes, and snippets of random Code-related info as regularly as possible.

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First Chapter Released!

Well, as you’ll remember, Digimon Code has been in the works since that fateful day, January 15th 2009. We eventually settled on a comic format (and yes, that means left-to-right), and work went on at an excellent pace (THANKS TO ANTHY, ANTHY, ANTHY, AND ALSO, ANTHY), and, well…the first chapter is out now!

You can check out the incredible, high quality AJAX online viewing I put together here (by Monday maybe that won’t be a joke) and you can download the convenient ZIP file here!

Enjoy and tell your friends! Discuss on DDF!